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Catalan Way

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September 17, 2013 | Comment

An email to world leaders supporting Catalan Freedom is an action to raise support among world people and leaders with respect to democracy and peace in Catalonia historic moment of independence. It is easy to do: fill in the form and send below’s email to your own Government.

First things first, let’s start with an introduction. Peace and democracy are real values for the Catalan People and for us too. Laws and Constitutions have the mission to protect people’s peaceful will. Such a mission is never an excuse to avoid future changes  of those rules if peace and democracy are appealed. This must be specially true in delicate topics such as national sovereignty, yet millions of casualties fill in the saddest list for humanity.

However, Spain says no to the Catalan Referendum for independence as it goes against the Spanish Constitution. Spanish Government says no also to democracy principles. Spanish Government decission makes us react. It was against Constitution, about a century ago, for women to vote in most of countries. These Consitutions were clearly non democratic, weren’t they? Everybody should understand laws might change as society evolves. It is called progress.

Peace, democracy, respect and freedom joined 1.6 million people linking hands over 250 miles in what was called Catalan Way after the Baltic Way in 1989. This is most massive peaceful and spectacular demonstration occurred in the European Union. The Catalan Way is an excellent example of defense action of collective rights and demonstration of force and respect at the same time. Still, the Spanish government ignored, once more, the democratic demands of the Catalan people.

Last polls say that about 52% of the people in Catalonia want the become an own state. In opposition, only 24% of the people want to continue Spanish. The largest demonstrations in the European Union for decades are taking place in Catalonia, also called the Catalan Countries [Read an article about]. Today, time is to makes things happen. As part of the International community we have our role too. We want to push diplomats to take part en push Spanish Government.

That is why we encourage you to send an email to your national President claiming for an active role supporting Catalan People’s Referendum. They will decide their vote then.

Please, fill in the form below to send an email to government. It only takes 30 seconds